Publication information
First appearance HtraEartH: The Unseen Purity
Created by Mark Gerke
In-story information
Place of origin Htrae
Team affiliations Dreamweavers
Abilities Numerous forms of magic.

Bodoran is the main character of the 2012-released novella HtraEartH: The Unseen Purity, written by Mark Gerke. He is a Dreamweaver; one of the guardians of Htrae. He is the hero of HtraEartH novella. Bodoran was created by the good spirit Geieh, but does not know of it. His protector Pakwin, the one he calls father, was asked to show Bodoran the ways of Guardianship. Years later and still unknowing of his truest self, he is sent by the group of Elders--including his father--of the Dreamweavers to seek the source of the mysterious Un. This incredible paradox of energy unmakes everything that is made of Essence, which is the entirety of Bodorans homeworld, Htrae. Bodoran knows what Essence is and what the Un does, but he does not know where the Un came from. This, he must find and destroy it and the Un.