Dreamweavers are the class of Magjikce (pronounced "Ma-j-ks") users of the HtraEartH continuity. They can be considered of any class. They are trained as guardians by the Elder Dreamweavers. The Magical, Fighter, Priest, Ranger and other sorts of classes can be considered of Dreamweavers, but they are mainly considered magical. Specifically, they are a new Magjikce class. This class can imagine anything into (their) reality through a technique of weaving sigils, casting Unseen or innate abilities. The weaving can be performed in any way, shape and form.

    Darkspinners are a class that is virtually the same, except their techniques are faster than Dreamweaving, but less powerful for big "spells" and through spinning techniques. The title refers to the metaphor, spinning dark magic.  This is like Dreamweavers, where their title represents weaving dream magic.   
    The Elders are old Dreamweavers, now taking the time to teach their hardened life learned lessons to the youthful Dreamweaver class.  Even the exception, Pakwin, whom is the first Dreamweaver.  


Casters of Magjikce, the Dreamweavers are Htraean "humans" imbued with all manner of protecting good magic. Dreamweavers are described as "the good guys, guardians against all evil deeds done to Htraean life."[1] Their primary enemy is the Un, a force of nature brought on by the effect of evil spirits slowly siphoning all the Dremergy life force out of Htrae. It is their constant duty to counter-act the destructive effects and contain the Un, before it renders Htrean reality itself null. They also work towards maintaining peace and order amongst Htreans. However, their work on that front is complicated by the evil Dreamweavers, known as Darkspinners.

Notable DreamweaversEdit

As of the first edition release of Unseen Purity, Bodoran is one of the few Dreamweavers to be described in detail. A second or third edition of the tale will expand on the first edition's story, elaborating more on Bodoran's kin. A planned sequel for Unseen Purity intends to expand on the concept of Dreamweavers also.


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